Aerial Imaging

I've been a fully qualified, professional drone pilot since 2015. My main drone flies with a 6k resolution camera shooting high-end stills and TV production-level video. Most projects to date have been farming-related because it's been an easy subject to access and popular for Stock. I'm also passionate about agri' and the countryside and consider myself something of a specialist in shooting it. I'm actively looking for more projects in the field. But, I'm also looking forward to broadening my range - countryside, rivers, lakes, homes and gardens, industrial/commercial sites, corporate HQ's, schools, universities, farming, stately homes, coastlines and much more. 

No one can have failed to notice how the drone perspective is increasingly prevalent. If you want to stand out, an aerial angle is essential and works for just about any subject of which you care to think. The aerial point of view elevates the impact of the narrative to a higher level. But N.B. not all drone pilots are also professional photographers. If you want fabulous aerial imagery, you need a fabulous photographer/videographer who understands light, too.

A word on the legal side. The commercial drone space is highly regulated by the CAA. Any pilot undertaking commercial work must, by law, have obtained a CAA-issued Operational Authorisation. This is also your guarantee that you're engaging the services of a professional pilot, trained to fly safely, within the law and under an umbrella of insurance - up to £5 million in my case. In the wrong hands, a drone is a danger and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Every project I undertake is thoroughly recced, researched, planned and cleared for flight permissions beforehand. The goal is to identify and mitigate risk and to optimise the end result, be it stills or video or both. 

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your aerial projects and, in the meantime, enjoy the gallery and video.