I'm based in Somerset, but my office is global and diverse - from knee-deep in snow on mountain tops to dangling from a 120-foot container dock crane; from data centres serving corporate giants to sunlit, sandy beaches; from the aircraft facility servicing A320's to the veterinary surgery saving our furry friends. My most hairy experience so far was shooting aerials from a gyrocopter; it felt about as safe as falling out of an aircraft in a shopping trolley.

I've also been responsible for much more than the actual photography. I've put together the teams of professionals needed to carry-off large-scale shoots at home and internationally. I've conducted recces, managed logistics, handled model castings, selected hair and make-up, stylists, assistants, additional photographers, catering, props, transport, equipment hire and conceived and directed the shoots. My clients can count on all this experience to deliver the best results, fuss-free, every time.

Check out the galleries for just a few examples from some of my favourite shoots around the world.